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One thing I love about working from home is how it allows me to spend time with my growing family. Coincidentally, I've been mom-blogging for a few years now - and it gives me great pleasure to be able to relate what I've learned about my new parenting journey.

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Website Content For A Stylist

This was a fun piece, because deep down I would love to have a stylist take me shopping. I tried to keep this conversational and fun, yet still professional.

Finding your individual style can be hard, especially if it has been a while since you have given it an in-depth look. Luckily, wardrobes can change with the season and we can always find ways to change with them. But it can be daunting to do it on your own. I’ve seen many people balk at the thought of going to the store and picking out new clothes for a new season because they are:
·         Overwhelmed at the many choices in the store
·         Unsure of how to piece together an outfit from store items
·         Unsure of what looks good on them
·         Not up to date with the latest trends

You do not have to be wary of clothes shopping any longer. Put my fashion expertise to work for you to get rid of the overwhelming feeling that goes hand in hand with purchasing new clothes. With a Personal Shopping session, I can help you address your style concerns and update your wardrobe with ease. Together we will create looks in the store that flatter your body and honor your individual style. When you return home, you’ll not only have some amazing new ensembles, but you’ll also have the tools you need to shop confidently for yourself in the future.

These Personal Shopping sessions typically last up to four hours, and will cut down on shopping anxiety. Before we even set foot in the store, I provide you with a questionnaire and ask for photos of clothing items that inspire you. I will use your responses to cultivate an idea of what you are looking for in your fashion choices, your individual style. Once you and I have determined what your individual style is, choosing pieces to try on becomes far easier. We can even choose accessories that highlight your unique style and mesh seamlessly with your new outfits.

I arrive at the store or stores of your choice in advance, pull designs that catch my trained eye as something that will flatter and be fashionable, and set up a dressing room for you. If you need a different size or a different piece while you are trying on clothes, I will find it and bring it to your dressing room. I’m also available at an hourly rate if you’d like to walk around the store and pick items together.

More importantly than the convenience of having someone pull items, I will also show you how to combine pieces that bring out your own personal style and are also aligned with this season’s trends. I will also help you understand why certain pieces look great on your body and why others fizzle. Never underestimate the power of your individual style. When you look great, you begin to act more confidently in other areas of your life.

With a Personal Shopping session, you and I will hone in on your unique look, and you will learn how to choose colors and styles that flatter your body for your future shopping trips. By learning these necessities, you will be order to shop successfully on your own whether it is for a special occasion, work attire, or just to introduce some new pieces into your wardrobe.

Travel Guide - Day Trip in Chiang Mai

This piece (and dozens of other samples I can provide in this vein) was a joy to write because I love writing about the world that I may never get to see! It gave me a chance to explore in my own way.

If you want to get to know Chiang Mai in a fun and quick way, our one day package is for you! You’ll get to try some different foods, see noteworthy cultural places and shows, and, of course, see the elephants. And you can do this all in one day!

We start off our morning activities with a visit to the Mae Sa Elephant Camp. Here, you’ll see an elephant show and get some personal time with the elephants in a natural habitat that is healthy for the big creatures. Mae Sa is working to preserve the Asian elephant, which is becoming threatened in the wild. You may even get a chance to hop on board the elephant’s back! After our elephant visit, we will stop by an orchid farm so you can see how these tropical flowers are cultivated.

We return to your hotel for an hour break around noon, and come to pick you up by 1:30 PM. During the break, put on your appropriate temple clothes and get ready to see the beauty of Doi Suthep – one of Chiang Mai’s most famous temples. Wear something comfortable – there are more than 300 stairs to climb (or you can pay a small fee to take the easy tram up the mountain). You’ll be awed by the amazing architecture, the well-kept grounds, the stunning pagodas and artwork, so make sure to bring your camera. This mountain temple is perfect for taking photos as you can see much of the Chiang Mai area from the temple. After our temple excursion, we’ll take you to your hotel for around an hour to change for our nighttime outing!

Get dressed up and ready for fun, because we are visiting a fun, cultural show for our dinner outing. You are going to love the Northern Thai food while taking in the traditional music and dance of Thailand. The Khantoke show covers several different types of Thai dances with brilliant costumes and music. This show is a wonderful way to wrap up a day full of fun Thai sights.

Myspoonful Post About London's Still Corners

I have written a ton of short band bios for this website over the past few years. I consistently enjoy learning about new artists. I started writing for Myspoonful as a college student when I interned at the then-connected events company, Noise Pop, Inc. You can find all of my work at

Hometown: London

For Fans Of: JJAMZ, Glass Candy

Categories: Indie, Pop, Electronic

Still Corners consists of Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes, who are joined by friends Leon Dufficy and Luke Jarvis to expand on the record for live shows. Hughes, main songwriter of Still Corners, seems to play around with sound – seemingly letting the noise in his brain out via this record. His partner Tessa breathes her vocals over the music, to create something interesting – ready to pull even the most disinterested music listener into their world.

Still Corners washes over your ears like a dream – all ambience-laced indie and synth sounds with little sign of letting up. Sweet and inspiring, the band’s new album Strange Pleasures(Sub Pop) features a whole lot of harmonies, whispered, airy vocals, and lyrics that aren’t so strange after all. Standout track “Berlin Lovers” has the relatable (for anyone who has gone through a too long gloomy winter) lines, “We can't see what's real/ We don't know the time/We only want to feel the light, yeah.”

The band started in the late 2000s with a handful of well-received EPs. Greg added female vocalist Tessa (whom he met at a train stop) to the mix and things took off with debut LP Creatures of the Hour. Now the band has played all the right festivals, dropped a new album last May on Sub Pop, and toured the world – including stops in the US this week with CHVRCHES. Not bad for a group whose core members met because they both took the wrong trains. 

Copy For Website (With Integrated Keywords)

I love to drink coffee, and I loved writing this copy for a commercial and home coffee supplier. A piece like this took no time at all! I was provided with keywords and guidelines, and a really quick turnaround date...overall a fun project that was completed on time.

Coffee Client
Running a coffee shop in New York can be a little hectic, but (Client Name) is here to make your life easier with the best espresso machines, best cappuccino machines,  and coffee accessories that the industry has to offer. Our business is to bring the best in automatic espresso machines to you, whether it is for your home or a commercial business. We import directly from Italy, so if you need an Italian espresso machine look no further. We have the highest quality products available today.  If you need espresso machine parts or are wondering what machine is right for your home or business, give us a call and ask one of our experts for help. (Client Name)’s experienced technicians also offer quality repair service.

Home Espresso
Do you want the joy of amazing espresso without having to leave the comfort of your home? A professional home espresso machine is what you need to add to your kitchen. During the snowy winter days, espresso machines for home come in quite handy – don’t be surprised if neighbors come to you for a morning fix of caffeine. You’ll be happy that you have the best home espresso maker on the market when you have to host a brunch, have an icy driveway, or simply don’t want to venture outside before noon. (Client Name) has the best home espresso machines available, so you can drink fantastic coffee every morning. Call one of our experts if you have any questions about the best espresso machine for home use.

Dual Boiler
If you want the steam and heat of a great espresso machine packed into a small enough size to fit in your kitchen, (Client Name) has an array of dual boiler espresso machines to choose from. Coffee shops use double boiler espresso machines because they are quick and make a great shot of espresso. Why do you need two boilers? With dual boilers, milk can be steamed while the coffee is brewing – saving you time. The temperature of espresso machines that have double boilers tends to be more stable, giving the coffee the same, smooth taste each time you brew a cup. The best double boiler espresso machines allow for more control over your coffee experience, a quicker serving time and a consistently better tasting espresso.

The first step to great coffee and espresso comes long before water and heat enter the picture with the perfect coffee bean grinder. That is why it is so important to procure the best coffee grinder available. The best espresso grinder guarantees the quality of each drink because the grind affects the taste and strength of your brew. A grind that is too coarse makes for a weak cup, where a too fine grind will be too strong. To compliment a home or commercial coffee set up, it’s necessary to have a coffee grinder that offers great control and effective grinding power. (Client Name) offers an array of commercial coffee grinders and commercial espresso grinders to ensure that each cup brewed is a perfect drink.

Commercial Espresso

Espresso is the go to drink for the busy people of New York State. Every day, people stop in to local coffee shops to get that perfect espresso and the caffeine jolt that comes with it. A consistent, great tasting drink keeps customers returning. (Client Name) offers a huge array of commercial espresso machines for sale to ensure that perfect brew, every time. The commercial cappuccino machines we sell are the best available, from dual boilers to Italian imports. A great espresso keeps customers returning, so if you want the best commercial espresso machine for your clientele call (Client Name). We also have experienced technicians with years of espresso machine repair, quality parts and brewing equipment to suit your every need.

Social Media Content

I created tweets and Facebook posts for a start-up social media network focusing on the plus-size market. I loved doing the research for this because a lot of it involved cruising fashion blogs! For a social media campaign similar to this I charge $75-100 for the content depending on how many posts. I can also schedule them for you, monitor responses and interact with followers.

10 AM FB - This revolution in thinking about how we are perceived has been going on for a long time! This 1995 essay proves that:
12 PM Tweet - Don’t think twice, the plus size revolution is coming!
6 PM FBSometimes it’s so hard to be comfortable during a busy night out – always worrying about where to go, will people be rude, will the chairs suit me, will I have a good time? We are trying to build a community where those questions can be addressed ahead of time –help by joining up ( and sending your tips my way!

8 AM FB - Surrounding yourself with people who care about you is the key to having that oh-so-important self-confidence. You should come on over to BiggPeople and join our supportive, loving group.
12 PM Tweet - Such a great story for a plus size bride: a surprise wedding orchestrated by the groom.
6 PM Tweet- who remembers this plus size diva? Leslie, you’re my hero!
7 PM FB - Did you hear about this last year? Women in the UK protested the dieting industry and the pro-diet attitude that is rampant throughout the world by throwing diet books in the garbage – in front of parliament! That takes guts!

10 Am Tweet – Hey yall, it’s Wednesday! Who has some inspirational stories for me to get past the midweek slump?
12 PM FB- Woot woot! Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s halfway through the week! Keep soldiering on, friends. If you need an internet hug, we’ll be here:
6 PM Tweet - Summer is coming soon! Here’s an inspiring story from last year where plus size swimwear ruled:
7 PM FB - Sleep is so important! It prevents accidents, controls weight, and improved mood overall:

10 AM FB - My internet search is totally lacking some plus size mens fashion! Who has a plus sized dude with great style in their life? Share! This article sums it up for me:
12 PM Tweet - Meditation is great for letting all your anxiety go. Try meditation whenever you feel stressed:
6 PM FB - Ladies and gents, start loving your bodies the way they are! Don’t let anyone lead you astray. If you need a safe place and people to talk to, come visit us.
7 PM Tweet - This doesn’t surprise me; you need to have a communicative relationship in order to be healthy in every way:

10 AM Tweet - Happy Friday everybody! What are you going to do this fabulous weekend?
12 PM Tweet - Who has a tasty appetizer recipe for me? I need something quick and gluten-free for a party I’m having!
5 PM FB -Jazmin Rickards styled this menswear shoot, what do you think?
7 PM FB - How do you get ideas on what to do on your days off? If you want plus-size friendly info from people just like you, check out our community!

9 AM Tweet - This is so great! Body Activism is really on the rise, as you can tell with this interview with model Tess Munster:
11 AM FB – Hey everyone! Have you finished creating your profile on We want to share the love, so post your pics and have fun!
6 PM Tweet - More proof that loving your plus size body is a global trend:
7 PM Tweet – Hey all you BiggPeople! Hope your weekend is going great!

10 AM Tweet - Sometimes I get too tired to function, and then I remember: coffee! What’s your get up and go secret?
12 PM FB - I’m glad that there’s a fashion week for people of size! If you happen to be in NYC this june, check out FFFWeek:
7 PM Tweet - Have any of you had rude experiences while traveling? This man did his research first: