Social Media Content

I created tweets and Facebook posts for a start-up social media network focusing on the plus-size market. I loved doing the research for this because a lot of it involved cruising fashion blogs! For a social media campaign similar to this I charge $75-100 for the content depending on how many posts. I can also schedule them for you, monitor responses and interact with followers.

10 AM FB - This revolution in thinking about how we are perceived has been going on for a long time! This 1995 essay proves that:
12 PM Tweet - Don’t think twice, the plus size revolution is coming!
6 PM FBSometimes it’s so hard to be comfortable during a busy night out – always worrying about where to go, will people be rude, will the chairs suit me, will I have a good time? We are trying to build a community where those questions can be addressed ahead of time –help by joining up ( and sending your tips my way!

8 AM FB - Surrounding yourself with people who care about you is the key to having that oh-so-important self-confidence. You should come on over to BiggPeople and join our supportive, loving group.
12 PM Tweet - Such a great story for a plus size bride: a surprise wedding orchestrated by the groom.
6 PM Tweet- who remembers this plus size diva? Leslie, you’re my hero!
7 PM FB - Did you hear about this last year? Women in the UK protested the dieting industry and the pro-diet attitude that is rampant throughout the world by throwing diet books in the garbage – in front of parliament! That takes guts!

10 Am Tweet – Hey yall, it’s Wednesday! Who has some inspirational stories for me to get past the midweek slump?
12 PM FB- Woot woot! Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s halfway through the week! Keep soldiering on, friends. If you need an internet hug, we’ll be here:
6 PM Tweet - Summer is coming soon! Here’s an inspiring story from last year where plus size swimwear ruled:
7 PM FB - Sleep is so important! It prevents accidents, controls weight, and improved mood overall:

10 AM FB - My internet search is totally lacking some plus size mens fashion! Who has a plus sized dude with great style in their life? Share! This article sums it up for me:
12 PM Tweet - Meditation is great for letting all your anxiety go. Try meditation whenever you feel stressed:
6 PM FB - Ladies and gents, start loving your bodies the way they are! Don’t let anyone lead you astray. If you need a safe place and people to talk to, come visit us.
7 PM Tweet - This doesn’t surprise me; you need to have a communicative relationship in order to be healthy in every way:

10 AM Tweet - Happy Friday everybody! What are you going to do this fabulous weekend?
12 PM Tweet - Who has a tasty appetizer recipe for me? I need something quick and gluten-free for a party I’m having!
5 PM FB -Jazmin Rickards styled this menswear shoot, what do you think?
7 PM FB - How do you get ideas on what to do on your days off? If you want plus-size friendly info from people just like you, check out our community!

9 AM Tweet - This is so great! Body Activism is really on the rise, as you can tell with this interview with model Tess Munster:
11 AM FB – Hey everyone! Have you finished creating your profile on We want to share the love, so post your pics and have fun!
6 PM Tweet - More proof that loving your plus size body is a global trend:
7 PM Tweet – Hey all you BiggPeople! Hope your weekend is going great!

10 AM Tweet - Sometimes I get too tired to function, and then I remember: coffee! What’s your get up and go secret?
12 PM FB - I’m glad that there’s a fashion week for people of size! If you happen to be in NYC this june, check out FFFWeek:
7 PM Tweet - Have any of you had rude experiences while traveling? This man did his research first: