Myspoonful Post About London's Still Corners

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Hometown: London

For Fans Of: JJAMZ, Glass Candy

Categories: Indie, Pop, Electronic

Still Corners consists of Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes, who are joined by friends Leon Dufficy and Luke Jarvis to expand on the record for live shows. Hughes, main songwriter of Still Corners, seems to play around with sound – seemingly letting the noise in his brain out via this record. His partner Tessa breathes her vocals over the music, to create something interesting – ready to pull even the most disinterested music listener into their world.

Still Corners washes over your ears like a dream – all ambience-laced indie and synth sounds with little sign of letting up. Sweet and inspiring, the band’s new album Strange Pleasures(Sub Pop) features a whole lot of harmonies, whispered, airy vocals, and lyrics that aren’t so strange after all. Standout track “Berlin Lovers” has the relatable (for anyone who has gone through a too long gloomy winter) lines, “We can't see what's real/ We don't know the time/We only want to feel the light, yeah.”

The band started in the late 2000s with a handful of well-received EPs. Greg added female vocalist Tessa (whom he met at a train stop) to the mix and things took off with debut LP Creatures of the Hour. Now the band has played all the right festivals, dropped a new album last May on Sub Pop, and toured the world – including stops in the US this week with CHVRCHES. Not bad for a group whose core members met because they both took the wrong trains.