I offer competitive rates for many types of writing projects. I am always willing to negotiate.

Flat Rates:

Social Media Package - $125 per week, or $400 per month
What you get: Daily tweets and facebook posts ranging from customer service announcements, contests, or news items concerning your product or service.

Documents - $18 an hour for most projects or a flat rate of $60 for simple ones - we can always negotiate a price for you. If you are not happy with the first draft, I will take a second go at the project with your added input for free!

Web content - $15 an hour, including research time if necessary.

Per Word Rates:

Per Word Charge

Social Media
Press Release
Video Scripts

Revision Policy: Up to three revisions are included. Assignments must have enough lead time to allow for revisions. Documents that are not accepted will still be invoiced if they were assigned with less than 24 hours of lead time.

Invoices not paid within 30 days of billing will be assessed an overdue charge.

Employer covers the paypal or bank fees