Website Content For A Stylist

This was a fun piece, because deep down I would love to have a stylist take me shopping. I tried to keep this conversational and fun, yet still professional.

Finding your individual style can be hard, especially if it has been a while since you have given it an in-depth look. Luckily, wardrobes can change with the season and we can always find ways to change with them. But it can be daunting to do it on your own. I’ve seen many people balk at the thought of going to the store and picking out new clothes for a new season because they are:
·         Overwhelmed at the many choices in the store
·         Unsure of how to piece together an outfit from store items
·         Unsure of what looks good on them
·         Not up to date with the latest trends

You do not have to be wary of clothes shopping any longer. Put my fashion expertise to work for you to get rid of the overwhelming feeling that goes hand in hand with purchasing new clothes. With a Personal Shopping session, I can help you address your style concerns and update your wardrobe with ease. Together we will create looks in the store that flatter your body and honor your individual style. When you return home, you’ll not only have some amazing new ensembles, but you’ll also have the tools you need to shop confidently for yourself in the future.

These Personal Shopping sessions typically last up to four hours, and will cut down on shopping anxiety. Before we even set foot in the store, I provide you with a questionnaire and ask for photos of clothing items that inspire you. I will use your responses to cultivate an idea of what you are looking for in your fashion choices, your individual style. Once you and I have determined what your individual style is, choosing pieces to try on becomes far easier. We can even choose accessories that highlight your unique style and mesh seamlessly with your new outfits.

I arrive at the store or stores of your choice in advance, pull designs that catch my trained eye as something that will flatter and be fashionable, and set up a dressing room for you. If you need a different size or a different piece while you are trying on clothes, I will find it and bring it to your dressing room. I’m also available at an hourly rate if you’d like to walk around the store and pick items together.

More importantly than the convenience of having someone pull items, I will also show you how to combine pieces that bring out your own personal style and are also aligned with this season’s trends. I will also help you understand why certain pieces look great on your body and why others fizzle. Never underestimate the power of your individual style. When you look great, you begin to act more confidently in other areas of your life.

With a Personal Shopping session, you and I will hone in on your unique look, and you will learn how to choose colors and styles that flatter your body for your future shopping trips. By learning these necessities, you will be order to shop successfully on your own whether it is for a special occasion, work attire, or just to introduce some new pieces into your wardrobe.