Press Release For An Event

I wrote this press release for an upcoming webinar. 

Kelly O’Neil International Announces Free Spring Webinar: Design a Spiritually Rich Business Model
Los Gatos, Calif. – Kelly O’Neil International is hosting a complimentary webinar on April 25th. The webinar is a 45 minute presentation, followed by a 15 minute Q & A dedicated to sharing O’Neil’s knowledge on interconnected topics of business, entrepreneurship and spirituality. The webinar, entitled “Design a Spiritually Rich Business Model,” will share valuable information to inspire and teach entrepreneurs how to build a business that serves the world. A Spiritually Rich Biz™ uses the entrepreneur’s skills and gifts to create a prosperous business that is aligned with spirituality and faith.

“When you run a business that serves a higher purpose, helping others and the world, you’ll be surprised at the forces rallying behind you to make it a success,” says Kelly O’Neil, founder of Kelly O’Neil International and the Women’s Leadership Academy. “Entrepreneurs need this information! The world needs this information. When we have successful businesses that serve the world, everyone benefits.” Designing a Spiritually Rich Biz™ allows entrepreneurs to live life in abundance through their work, and also enriches the economy. In addition to the webinar, Kelly O’Neil offers an array of coaching programs focused on building prosperous businesses, branding and marketing, all while serving the world.

The “Design a Spiritually Rich Business Model” Webinar is just one of many events and programs designed for conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to impact the world. O’Neil focuses her programs on these conscious entrepreneurs and women leaders, aiding them in the creation of powerful brands and a mastery of marketing and strategy. O’Neil has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, teaching how to live a more fulfilling life and create successful businesses.

About Kelly O’Neil
Kelly O’Neil, founder and CEO of Kelly O’Neil International, world renowned speaker and award winning brand marketing strategist, is one of the most sought-after brand marketing and leadership coaches for conscious entrepreneurs and aspiring women leaders.  She is the best-selling author of two books, Visionary Women Inspiring the World: 12 Paths to Personal Power and Ignite Your Business Transform Your World.  Kelly is the inspirational driving force behind a rapidly expanding business empire that includes Spiritually Rich Business Coaching™, Marketing to Millionaires™, and The Women’s Leadership Academy™.  She is committed to helping conscious women entrepreneurs find their authentic voice, design strategies and brand platforms to share their unique message and strategically build profitable, spiritually rewarding businesses. To learn more about Kelly O’Neil, please visit  To learn more about the Women’s Leadership Academy and download your free 4 part eMasterClass Leading From the Soul, visit