Tweets for an Emergency Services Company

These are examples of tweets that I composed for an emergency services company. I wrote 8-12 tweets weekly and turned them in every Sunday, so the company could post them throughout the week. I enjoy using social media and feel very confident that I know how to connect with an audience, even if the subject is mundane.

Tokyo is due for a big one, scientists say:

It's been years since the huge Northridge quake, have you gotten yourself prepared?

Spring Break is weeks away but celebrate w/ a lockdown kit for your teacher, or an emergency kit for your car if you're going on a roadtrip!

This is my cat: This is his emergency kit:

Replace your emergency supplies if they are too old!

Stock up on supplies in case this winter gets nasty – first aid kit, extra firewood, emergency food! Or sunglasses if you’re in California.
Here’s an amazing story where first aid really came in handy. A nine year old saves his great grandmother:

Don’t become complacent! Update your escape plans, supplies, and training…before there’s an emergency!

Make sure you know your exit strategy for any building you frequent such as your place of work! 

Be aware of your surroundings – if you see something dangerous, or someone, what would you do?