Google Hangouts In Real Estate: A Guide For Web Marketers

For this article, I watched an hour-long video by the client on this subject. I synthesized the information into an easy-to-read guide for web marketers.


How do you make money using Google hangouts?
We all know that video sells, but live video makes you different and unique. How few people are actually using Google Hangouts On Air, a Google+ feature that lets you stream live video, is staggering.
You have to be the guy that stands out – there’s more than one marketer out there talking to real estate agents, but you can hook them with the promise live video. Real estate agents don’t understand what Google+ does yet – they understand the concept, but need the step-by-step information and hand-holding that a marketing expert like yourself can provide. Sit down with your real estate agent and give them those details, they’ll be ahead of their competitors and ready to pay you. You become the magical marketing wizard that makes all their dreams come true. None of our branding is on the materials.

Get a decent webcam, one that shoots at 1080p. Most laptops will have a built-in that works just fine.
Make sure your real estate agents have either a computer with webcam or android phone or non-iPad tablet with the Google+ app.  Theoretically, you can have up to 9 people walking through the house and showing rooms. From home, you’ll be able to talk to the viewers and interact with them, directing the agents and asking them questions. If a viewer says, “I’m really tall, can you show me how high that shower head is?” you can direct the agent to go to the bathroom and measure.
Internet! This should go without saying, but you need the have fast internet. Either plug in to your dedicated line, or have very good WIFI. You need as stable of a feed as possible.
1.       Learn How to Use Google Hangouts

The kind folks at Google have provided some instruction – make sure you read it! Being a Google Hangouts expert is KEY to making this work. Learn how to take care of everything on Google hangouts – troubleshoot before the actual trouble occurs. 

2.       Research!

Find out which real estate agents near you hold open houses. Some real estate agents have more open houses than others, so there’s potential for you to host more Hangout Open Houses with an office that has multiple agents. Hit craigslist, LinkedIn, local offices, papers. Call or message them to ask if they have open houses.

3.       Send the Real Estate Agent a Link with Video

We’ve already composed a message with a link for you, now you have to let your social skills do some work. Send them the email with our non-branded information and:

4.       Wait for the Calls to Roll In

Once you’ve made contact with the real estate agents, be ready to get some calls. Engage them, “Let’s talk about what I can do for you!” If you’ve ever met a real estate agent, you’ll know there’s almost no way they can resist this.

5.       Give the Agent a Demonstration

Meet with your real estate agent and show them how you can help them host live open house events. Explain the tools, the benefits of live video and your role as moderator.

6.       Decide On Your Fee

This is a valuable service and there is a price to pay. Push for an upfront fee and a maintenance fee. They’re already interested, that’s why they sat down with you. If necessary, offer a freebie if they sign a contract to pay you for the next two live open houses.

7.       You Will Be the Live Video King!
Nobody has ever seen live video in the real estate business. You can have a family in Germany that wants to move to Arizona – they can find the perfect house because of this live hangout. You’re setting up live event, and uploading it to youtube. It can be repeatedly viewed so the real estate agent can keep on using it. You can edit it, jazz it up and upload it for them. Charge a maintenance fee monthly.  And you don’t have to be there when they show houses because you can moderate from home.
You’ll be the first of your kind, and your real estate agent will probably want to keep you all to his or herself, which brings us to the next point:

8.       Do Not Sign a Non-Competition Agreement

You need to be able to negotiate, move agents, etc. Why work for a small agent that has one or two showing a month, when you could work for a whole office of agents and host two events per week?


You will be able to charge a monthly fee, because this service doesn’t end with the live event! You can’t use Google hangout without a youtube channel, and all the video from these events will need to be on youtube. You’ll have to make some changes to the video: add tags, make a catchy title, respond to questions that come up in comments, put the link to the home in the description, etc. There won’t be a live broadcast at three am, but someone will be able to look at the youtube videos and all the details and questions about the property will be in the comments. Don’t forget to ensure your client that you are going to be here if anything ever breaks!

Remember, you can use your position as the “live video guy” to get your foot in the door for that agent – tell them what other marketing needs you can cover.