This is a bio for the Flaming Lips, a huge band, for their appearance at Noise Pop.

The Flaming Lips have had one of those unique careers that seldom come around in the rock and roll universe. They started decades ago in Oklahoma, and have remained there, while other bands with that amount of success might opt to move to one of the coasts. You’ve got to hand it to the Lips, they know what’s up: electing to let their collective freak flags fly (along with confetti) while putting on a stage show unlike any other rock act.

It’s hard to believe the band’s only chart hit was 1993’s “She Don’t Use Jelly” and, after looking at the video, it’s hard to believe they’re even the same band (‘90s hair and wardrobe, no tailored suits!). To those music fans that were cognizant during the 1990s, the Flaming Lips will probably rank at the top of important bands and, unlike many bands of the same era, they are still one of the most important artists of today: fearless in their creativity, even remaking Pink Floyd’s clas- sic Dark Side of The Moon.

With more than a dozen albums, the Flaming Lips have made a huge mark on modern music. Experimental: always. But with a very listenable, and very likeable, sensibility (okay, so Zaireeka may have been hard to decipher, but you can’t blame the Lips for trying to clue us mortals in). Even the kids from 90210 dug the Flaming Lips when they played the Peach Pit! For Noise Pop, the Lips will be performing their entire critically acclaimed album The Soft Bulletin.

The Flaming Lips might be best known (these days) for their live show–who hasn’t seen Wayne Coyne in that hamster ball bubble floating over a crowd of anxious kids? From their compound in Norman, OK, one can only guess that the band brainstorms new and different ways to put on the coolest show ever. The Lips create a fantastic world with each concert, adding in more and more crazy elements with each tour and album.