Grant Application Cover Letter

This is a cover letter for a grant application to the Mary Kay Foundation. The grant focuses on shelters. The organization is a great one that gives at least one shelter from every state a grant. I like this piece because it shows the history of the shelter in a short and new way via the first paragraph. I generated this piece after thinking about the wonderful people who have talked on numerous occasion about how the kids who come to this shelter should not have to spend a single minute on the street.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mary Kay Foundation
XXXXX, XX #####

Dear Mary Kay Foundation: Re: Shelter Grant Program

XXXX XXXX XXXX Shelter opened its doors more than thirty years ago. On that first day of operation, a teenage boy came to XXXX explaining that he was scared because it was Friday (his father’s payday), and Friday nights often meant he would become a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of his drunken father. In the decades since, Casa has worked diligently not only to stop the abuse of teen boys and girls, but also to stop this vicious cycle, the perpetuation of abuse from generation to generation, via counseling.

XXXX XXXX Shelter is the only full-service, 24/7 shelter care and counseling organization for both boys and girls ages 12 - 17 in California’s Los Angeles/Orange/Riverside County areas. The runaway, throwaway and neglected children are often the victims of physical, mental and/or sexual abuse – many times at the hands of a parent or significant adult in their lives. XXXX believes whole-heartedly that these children should not spend a single minute on the street, instead offering one of twelve beds, a warm meal, and mandatory individual, group and family counseling.

The economic times have been tough, and we are grateful to the generous private sector donors, corporations, organizations and foundations, such as Mary Kay, that support the XXXX Kids despite the economic downturn. Please know that all funds received will go toward the support of anti-violence and recovery from abuse programs, along with counseling and shelter care programs.

From all of the wonderful staff, volunteers, and especially the XXXX Kids, “THANK YOU!” for considering this request. Please do not hesitate to contact us if more information or a site visit is necessary for your decision making process.

Sincerely yours,

Executive Director Fund Development Director

P.S. Please visit our website, (currently under revision) for more news, videos and information about the shelter.